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We have helped hundreds of people like you, many who were told there was nothing more that could be done, regain quality of life and get back to their favorite activities.

Treatment Session with Melissa...$195(90 minutes)  Each session with Melissa includes a detailed assessment, customized treatment, and a review of actionable steps you can take to get you feeling better fast.  Treatment may include massage therapy, herbalism, homeopathy, needle-less acupuncture, nature cures, iridology, energy work, aromatherapy, biological testing, supplementation, nutrition advice, stretching, meditation, coaching, and other methods of stress management.  Package plans are available based on the initial consultation.

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Just looking for massage?  Our massages are performed by highly skilled, licensed massage therapists.  And although most massage establishments will go to great lengths to describe and price different massage modalities, here at Watts Natural Health, upgrades are included at no additional charge!

Customized Massage Session…$80(1 hour)...$115(90 min)  Every client will receive a customized massage treatment tailored to produce optimal results for your specific needs.  The massage and bodywork techniques used can help correct muscle and soft tissue imbalances in the body caused by physical trauma, mental or emotional stress, injuries or disease.

Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage…$60(45 min)  A focused version of the Customized Massage, the back, neck and shoulder massage targets the areas of the body that accumulate the most stress and tension.

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We change fluids and filters on our vehicles, run virus scans on our computers, and perform regular maintenance on just about every piece of machinery we own, but what about our own machinery, our bodies?  This is a one-year detox protocol, performed in the correct order, to flush our fluids, organs and systems of candida, parasites, heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals, and viruses.  Each month, you'll receive a new detox protocol complete with products and ongoing education and support from Traditional Naturopath, Expert Massage Therapist, and Master BodyMind Coach, Melissa Watts.

Detox Protocol...$600 paid in full or $100 down and ten monthly payments of $50.

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